Ohmygoodness I’ve been so busy. Moving countries, losing passports, starting new schools. It’s all a little too much to take in. Happily, though, a lot of beautiful folk has somehow drifted into my iTunes, and I’ve got things I’d like to show you.

But since I’m supposed to be studying chemical bonds right now, I’ll have to make this brief. Since we last spoke I’ve bought a car, driven north, moved into a girls’ college and learned what an electron valence shell is.

It’s been a long week.

Until I get a nice grip on it, though, this live version of a beautiful, beautiful song by Mick Flannery that’s been notched up to #1 on my Morning Singing-in-the-Shower Top 100 Chart list (uh, sorry new housemates, guess the Chart wasn’t part of our lease when you signed it, huh?) will have to do. It’s called Safety Rope and if you don’t know it already, I think you’re gonna thank me for it.

‘Bye for now, don’t worry, we’ll chat soon!

Or download it here:

Safety Rope – Mick Flannery


Aug 2011

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  1. Sam says:

    And I do thank you for it… already impluse-purchased the album!

    • AC says:

      Same here! Thank you, Luke. You have exquisite taste.


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