You know what’s cool about Shut The Folk Up? I get to write about music and myself. Since I think I know folk music like the back of my hand, and the back of my hand like the back of a Bob Dylan album cover, it kind of works.

Hi. My name is Luke Burns and I am a 23 year-old studying to be a doctor in Northern California. Shut The Folk Up was created in early 2010 after I got tired of having to keep the great folk I was stumbling upon to myself. Since then it’s grown, expanded and been transformed into the modest site that is right now humming quietly beneath your mouseclicks.

The main purpose of Shut The Folk Up (or STFU, as it can be abbreviated to when speaking to anyone born before 1965) is to spread good music like folkalicious butter across the Internet. Sometimes, however, the folk has to step aside, like a patient but weary mother, for the hyperactive, overindulgent manchild that is my ego. This means that you’re just as likely to be reading about Mumford & Sons one week as you are Papa Burns, or my housemates in Oakland, or orthopaedic surgery the next. It can get confusing.

Music and writing are such obvious complements to one another because they’re all about sharing. With this in mind, I encourage, no, I implore…you know what, I demand that you take my word only as far as you can scroll it, pick up the folk mantle wherever I have dropped it and share music wherever you have found it, as often as you can. With folk music being the diffuse and omnipresent genre that it is, it’s impossible for anyone to consider themselves its true master. By its very definition, folk relies on the people it chronicles and that means there’s room for everyone to contribute somewhere to the infinite, immortal tapestries it weaves.

In short, read, listen and respond. If you’re here for the folk, scroll down to the bottom of each post to see that week’s recommendation. If you’re here for the blogging, why not discover some music at the same time? If you’re here for both, you’ve come to the right place. I really hope you enjoy your stay.

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